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Jacksonville Touch Rugby, also known as the Jacksonville Juggernauts, hope to share the wonderful sport of Touch Rugby to Jacksonville. Touch Rugby is a minimal contact sport, similar to ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football. Though, Touch is born from the sport of rugby, the sport replaces tackles with one-hand touches, as in the child game of Tag. It’s a social sport that is played all over the world, and one of the few team sports that can be played competitively in a Co-ed setting.

Touch Rugby is also a sport that is suitable for all age groups, as players can start as early as elementary school, and continue to play late into adulthood. The Touch Rugby World Cup this even includes a 50s and up division. Whether players play for recreation, socializing, fitness, or seeking competition, there is a place for everyone at Jacksonville Touch Rugby.

Though Touch Rugby is still a developing sport in Florida, there are teams in Orlando, Palm Coast, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Ocala, and Gainesville. There is a huge potential for Touch players in Florida to grow, as the USA Touch Nationals has been held at the Orlando ESPN World of Sports the past few years. The USA National Team, which plays every 4 years at the Touch Rugby World Cup is selected at this event. It is our goal to foster a love of Touch in the city of Jacksonville.

This isn’t any type of formal club, so just come out with an open mind and a good attitude. Feel free to invite friends. We play in tournaments around Florida and Georgia when they are available. To stay up to date on everything that’s going, including practice times and tournament schedules please join our Facebook page

Paying Dues And Joining The Club

To pay dues, go here Pay Coed Touch Dues and look for the option titled “Touch or Social Dues” Click on that option and follow the instructions.

How to Compete In Tournaments and Games

In order to be allowed to compete in coed touch tournaments or games you have to join USA Rugby. Go to USA Rugby Join and signup, once joined search for the “Jacksonville Coed Touch Team” and join the team.

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