UNF Wins NSCRO South Championship


Jacksonville’s own UNF Rugby defeated North Georgia State this past weekend 31-0 to win the NSCRO South Championship. This is all too familar to the “Deadbirds” as they have been in this same position before just a year prior. In 2012, UNF made it all the way to the NSCRO Final Four in Glendale, Colorado. Although they came back 0-2 in the final four, they showed they had what it took to play on the same level as some of the most elite teams in college rugby today.

UNF will now be playing in the Sweet 16 on March 9th in Pensacola. If they win out, they will advance to the East finals in Norfolk, VA. If they beat out the competition, they will be heading back to Glendale and given another chance to fight for an NSCRO National Championship.