JAX gets first loss of season to Ft. Lauderdale


Jacksonville traveled to Ft. Lauderdale to take on the Knights in their 3rd matrix match of the season. Both teams were eager to get this game going as it was the first after the winter break. From kick-off both teams were moving the ball and making some vicious tackles. It was not until the 10th minutes when Jacksonville committed a penalty inside of Ft. Lauderdale’s 22m line. They would go for the penalty kick but it was missed. About 5 minutes later, Jacksonville got the same deal with Ft. Lauderdale committing a penalty inside Jacksonville’s 50 meter line. Trace Horevitz would attempt the kick, but it was also fall short. With the score 0-0 approaching the 20 minute mark, both teams seemed even at this point. It was not until Ft. Lauderdale got a line-break and executed their first try. Shortly after that they would also put in their second try, but would miss the conversion, leaving the score 12-0. Jacksonville would come back with a line-break by Horevitz and offload to Steven Krueger for the try. Conversion good. After that, Ft. Lauderdale started to kick it up and notch and began scoring numerous tries with good ball movement and solid support running. Jacksonville needed halftime to regroup and set up a game plan for the final half.

Once the second half started, Jacksonville would continue to hold their own but some simple mistakes at the breakdown and missed tackles cost Jacksonville dearly. Around the 50th minutes, substitutions started coming in; in hopes of giving Jacksonville some fresh legs. Adam Bearden would come in on the wing and show some great running as he put in a try around the 60th minutes as well as a try to end the game. But it would not be enough for Jacksonville as they fall for Ft. Lauderdale 51-19.

Next game will be on Saturday, January 17th against the Naples Bears at home (Huffman Park) at 2pm.


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