JAX RFC Finish Exhibitions with Win Over Savannah Shamrocks


After a poor performance to open the preseason against a strong Sarasota side, Jacksonville was looking to rebound at home against the Savannah Shamrocks.

From the start of the game, it seemed Savannah had the edge as they started to put together strong drives in the mid-field from the fowards, and scored 2 tries in the 1st half. Jacksonville’s defense looked unmotivated, but after a timely yellow card to Savannah, JAX  was able to piece together momentum and a few tries of their own thanks to winger Sean Balaban. It was evident throughout the game that Savannah could not find an answer to his speed out on the wing, and it cost them a number of tries.

During half time, coach Ricky Brown gave his team an earful as he was upset their their performance thus far. “It was clear that they were lazy in the crucial parts of the game and had a hard time getting their hands dirty” says Coach Brown. “[I told them] if they want to win the game they have to put their heads down and work”.

Filled with energy again, Jacksonville came out in the 2nd half as a different team. All aspects of the game improved for Jacksonville’s favor including the scrums, line-outs and set pieces. Key substitutions JAX’s reserves carried the team down to the wire, and in the end Jacksonville would come out on top.

Final score- Jacksonville (36) Savannah (34)

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