Jacksonville verus Daytona Rematch

Jacksonville will travel to Daytona this weekend to take on the Coconuts. On our last meeting on on January 11th, Jacksonville pulled ahead in the first half scoring multiple tries, but at half the momentum shifted to Daytona after putting maul for a Try. During the second half Daytona would come out blazing scoring a few tries themselves, but Jacksonville was determined to stop them before it got out of hand. That was a home game.

This game should be just as good as the first as we will be traveling to Daytona and they will have their full squad ready for revenge. In the past the Jacksonville vs Daytona rivalry has always been a good one with hard hits, great tries and close games. This should be no different.

Kick off is at 2:00pm at the Athletic Fields at Embry Riddle University.

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