Jacksonville falls to Ft. Lauderdale in the Semi-Finals

Jacksonville RFC traveled to Fort Lauderdale for the Florida Division II Semi-Finals. Ft. Lauderdale held the #1 seed as Jacksonville was sitting at the #4 seed. The temperature was extremely hot as no clouds were present. From the opening whistle both teams started their attacks. After a penalty by Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville took the line out inside Lauderdale’s 22meter. Once passed to the back line, Fly-half Trace Horevitz saw an opening and passed to Flanker Billy Irvin for the score. Jacksonville would put the first points on the board. Seems like the game was pushing in Jacksonville’s favor. After a won scrum, Jacksonville would start their attack again, but after a knock-on, Ft. Lauderdale scooped up the ball and ran 50m for the try. Jacksonville knew they just let one get by them. On an ensuing line-out, Jacksonville mauled from Lauderdale’s 22m all the way to the try zone to put more points on the board. Seems like the momentum was back on Jacksonville’s side. But there is a reason Lauderdale is #1 in the state. For the next few series, Ft. Lauderdale started to put together a strong drive, pushing Jacksonville all the way into the try-zone. Then after two more costly knock-on by Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale took both to the house for yet two more tries. Halftime hooter goes off.

Jacksonville knew they still had this game in their grasps. Started the second half strong but found themselves back in their own 22m line. A strong Ft. Lauderdale pack, pushed Jacksonville all the way into their try zone for yet another try. But Jacksonville responded after a few strong series and a penalty tap to Fullback Randy Dewey for the try. At this time, Jacksonville started to put in their subs, hoping for a boost in the offensive play. They would get it as Prop Kyle Peterson put in a try in the right corner to put Jacksonville within 12. But Ft. Lauderdale would not let up and put in two more tries with about 10 remaining. Jacksonville could not come back in time. Game 42-27 Ft. Lauderdale.

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