Jacksonville can’t seem to finish


Jacksonville Rugby is coming off of three-consectutive loses to the Tridents, Naples & Orlando. All games in which Jacksonville has shown they can compete in, but become very inconsistent at times. With Jacksonville having alot of newer faces on the team, the cohesion is not up to our standards of the game. There where times during some of these games (Tridents & Orlando) where Jacksonville would take a decent lead going into halftime. Seemed after the half, either fitness or just knowledge of the game seemed to be Jacksonville’s downfall. The team has fought through alot of these matches though and deserve a ton of credit. This season should act as a learning experience to some of the newer guys and a wake-up call to some of the veterans.

Jacksonville will finish their season up this weekend as they take on Ft. Lauderdale. A win would be a great way to end the season and give us momentum going into the offseason. Kick off at 3pm at Huffman Park.