First matrix win over Krewe


Jacksonville RFC has been busy the past few weeks with having 2 games in 2 weeks; pulling off wins in both. First match was against the University of North Florida rugby team at UNF. Jacksonville came into these game with a few new and fresh legs to the team. Within the first few minutes, Jacksonville put in the first try and continued to put together a decent game, holding UNF only to one try late in the game. Jax also played with only 14 people for most of the match as wing Johan got red-carded for consecutive high tackles. Not the best performance, but a win non the less. Jacksonville would run away with the victory 44-7 over UNF.

The next weekend would be the start of our matrix season. This game was pushed back to November 15th due to one of our teammates weddings was on the original game date. After an amazing week of practice, Jacksonville was primed to have a standout game against rivals Tampa Krewe. Jacksonville would travel with 23 players, all being strong and experienced. You could not have asked for a better day to play Rugby. The weather was in the 70s with clear skies and barely any wind. When the first whistle blew, both teams knew it was going to be a long game. Jax would get some good forward momentum and continue to attack Krewe’s defense line. But it would be Krewe who struck first with an up-and-under that got a good bounce in Krewe’s favor as they got a clear patch to the try zone. That would also be their last. From that point Jacksonville started playing their best rugby they have in years with multiple line break, great defense effort and some key tries by some newer faces on the team. At the half, the score was extremely close at 10-10. After some key substitutions, Jacksonville came out with a vengeance, never letting up on the attack and holding their own when the ball got near the oppositions try zone. At the final whistle it would be Jacksonville on top over Tampa Krewe, 29-10.

Try scores: Steven Krueger, Kyle Peterson, Tim Herff & Joshua Murphy.

Conversions: Chris Potter (3/4), PKs (1/2)

Man of the Match: Tim “Chachi” Herff


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