Cold day in Florida, JAX get the Win

Jacksonville hosted Boca Raton at Cornerstone Park in Ponte Vedra Beach. Cold weather and strong gusts of wind were the topic of discussion before kickoff as everyone (being from Florida) were freezing their tails off. Once the game started, body temperature helped plenty. From the opening kickoff, Jacksonville started to move down the field fast. A quick penalty inside Jacksonville’s 22m line set them up for an easy penalty kick. Kick good. Minutes later it would be JAX fly half Randy Dewey who would break the line and pass wide to winger Sean Balaban for the try. Conversion good. Boca would start to put together a good drive but an offload would be intercepted by center Brian Hutchison and he would run it all the way in for the try. Boca would rebound and get in a try of their own on a penalty tap-and-go from their 5m line. Jacksonville would respond as they pinned Boca inside the 22m and kept pushing forward until center Brian Hutchison broke through for the try. After the kickoff, Jacksonville would use that momentum and put one more try on the board with winger Sean Balaban sprinting in for the try. Half time.


After the half, the temperature still was in the high 30’s but that did not stop Jacksonville’s momentum. But it would be Boca who would strike first with their center breaking through our defensive line and scoring under the uprights. Conversion good. Jacksonville would come right back and maul a lineout from the 5m line with hooker Brennan Mcmahon putting it in. Minutes after, it would be Balaban scoring again after a clean break from his opposite winger David Wandel. Boca would get one more try toward the end, but it would be one too late. Jacksonville gets the win at home, moving their 2015-2016 Florida D2 record to 4-1.

Final score: 37-19 

Try scorers: Sean Balaban (3), Brian Hutchison (2), Brennan Mcmahon.

Conversions: Randy Dewey (2/6)

PK: Randy Dewey (1/1)

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