Close call against Tampa Krewe

Jacksonville traveled to Tampa to take on the Krewe what seemed to be a beautiful day of Rugby. After beating Krewe to start the matrix season, Jacksonville came ready to compete. Within the first 10 mins of the game, Jacksonville would put in a try by winger Sean Balaban. But Tampa would show their resilience and came out with alot more energy than Jax after that try, putting in a try of their own just minutes later. Jacksonville would later put in a good scoring drive as winger Kyle Goodale would go over for the try on the right side. Conversion no good. Tampa would then put in a penalty kick just before the half.

During the second half, Tampa went with a drop-goal about 30m out and converted. Score now 13-12 Tampa. But Jacksonville would not let up as 8-man Jon Purnell would pick-and-go off the scrum to put in another try for Jacksonville. Minutes later, Tampa would yet go for another penalty kick and convert. After an ensuing penalty, Jacksonville would quick-tap and got it out to Balaban again, who would sprint to the try line and touch it down. Unfortunately the side-judge called the try back as they witnessed Balaban’s foot out-of-bounds. Jacksonville would use that fire to put in yet another try in the right corner off a maul with Lock Mike Carreon putting it down. With the score extremely close, Jacksonville would have to make a defensive stand against Krewe who were inching their way to the goal line. After a penalty, got Krewe just meters away from the goal line, they attempted to punch it in with no time remaining. They would go over the try-line but would be held up. Final whistle blew. Jacksonville narrowing escapes an upset, but get the W non the less.

Final score 22-16

Try scorers: Sean Balaban, Kyle Goodale, Jon Purnell, Mike Carreon

Conversions: 1/4

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