Another strong victory for Jacksonville

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Jacksonville hosted Tampa Bay Krewe in their second meeting of the matrix season, but this time at home. Tempers were flared as Jacksonville got the upper hand in the first meeting down in Tampa. At the opening kickoff, both teams came at each other hard with big tackles. Defense was a key factor in this game as both teams attacked relentlessly, but the wind would also play a factor in the game. With strong gusts coming through Huffman Park, both teams were forced to play a short game with their forwards and short passes to the back line. Jacksonville would strike first and get on the board by fly-hald Trace Horevitz. Not much later, Horevitz would break the line again and score another try. Jacksonville never let off the gas pedal at that point. Shortly after the ball got out to winger Sean Balaban, for yet another try. At the halfway mark, Jacksonville led 29-5.

At the start of the second half, Jacksonville kept up the momentum from the first half and put in another try by prop Taylor Youngling. Again our defensive stands is what set us apart, as well as exploiting Krewe’s mistakes and capitalizing on them. Around the 60 minutes mark, Coach Ricky Brown starting doing his interchanges as Jacksonville had a sizable lead. Great effort by Jacksonville and a lot of respect for Krewe for never quitting in the game and always keeping our rivalry strong. Final score 53-12 Jacksonville.

Next game is at home against Orlando Rugby. Kickoff at 2:00 at Huffman Park.


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